Pu Pu Pu!
Waht if Kululu asked you on a date? *wonk wonk*

I would laugh at his pathetic feelings and reject him in the meanest way possible of course! Pupu! Plus, I’d have a legit reason to call him a paedophile hehe >:3

So what exactly is your symbol? All I see is a cog wheel of sorts...

It’s a nuclear hazard symbol, just stylised so it’s all one shape and the circle in the middle is the biggest part. I must admit, it does look like a cog after all…

Ha, don't you ever get tired of Kururu CONSISTENTLY whooping your ass?

Did you mean constantly? because that doesn’t happen, he hypes himself up, he’s not that great, I could easily- *static*

((I guess Kururu always IS watching…))

If you had tiny little keronian babies with Chiroro what would you name them?





*calms down*

Uh… Well, I don’t know! *hides*

(( I have designed two children for him already >8D One is called Tekiki and the other is Called Chomomo XP))

have you ever be in love ?(it can´t be junk food) >=)

But what if it was sentient/sapient junk food? Hehe!

The answer is no, I have never been infatuated with anyone in my life *flods arms with a huff*

Can I wear your hat? It looks sooo cool!

Nuuuuu it’s mineeee *grabs hold of hat and hisses*

soooo... do you have. crush on anyone?


I mean…

What makes you think that I would? It’s not like there’s a girl I really like that only sees me as a friend…

Hi. How have you been these days?

Wow… you’re so polite, I don’t feel like being rude to you! Pupu!

I’ve been great. Just lazing around, not checking my tumblr inbox… oh.

~We've come a long long way together. Through the hard times and the good. I have to celebrate you baby. I have to praise you like I should.~

Pu! Am I being serenaded? I’m flattered!

Does Toro-chi like Chiro-chan?!?

What makes you think you can use those honourifics with me?! *meaning of question finally dawns upon him* WHA- No, of course not, girls are gross, ecch, no way… I mean, seriously, just ‘cause she’s pretty and a good friend doesn’t mean I like her like THAT… >////<